Click on the above words "Museum Box" to take you to the site.

What is Museum Box?

Museum box provides the tools which allow you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. You can display anything from a text file to a movie. You can also view the museum boxes submitted by other people and comment on the contents.


The above picture is the main page of Museum Box.

About = This page gives you an overview of Museum Box and shows a video on how to use this program.
Museum Boxes = it will take you to a page which has samples of different Museum Boxes across a number of different KLA's.
Case Studies = Museum Box has been used within the abolition project to help students:
  • Understand the campaign
  • Understand the collection and importance of evidence
  • Understand that many people contributed to the campaign
You can see some of the boxes produced at the bottom of the page.- Was Wilberforce the man who ended the slave trade?Thomas Clarksons African Box
Teachers = This page provides information for teachers on the following:
  1. Guidance for teachers - registering and creating student accounts
  2. Curriculum Areas to use Museum Box with examples of how to use Museum Box
  3. Guidance for teachers - Copyright, appropriateness and best endeavours
  4. Who was Tmomas Clarkson?
  5. How to review and publish students work and add pupil accounts. Please note that I have registered Newcastle High School which will enable you to set up student accounts, review and publish work.


1. Click on "new" which is at the top right hand side of the page, a message will come up"Are you sure?" press ok.
2. Click on change box, which is at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Here you will be able to select the number of cubes you want to use, the number of layers and the colours and textures of the box and cubes. WHEN USING SOME OF THESE FUNCTIONS IT WILL ASK YOU TO LOG IN. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LOG IN AND PASSWORD CLICK ON JOIN FOR FREE AND FILL IN THE DETAILS. OUR SCHOOL IS REGISTERED SO ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU FIND IT. YOU WILL ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE. AFTER YOU HAVE REGISTERED AN ACCOUNT YOU WILL JUST NEED TO LOG IN.
3. Select the images, text, sounds, videos, files and links you want to place on your cube and add them to "the drawer".
4. Once all your resources have been added to the draw you can add them to a side of a cube.
5. Save your museum box when finished.