The American Library Association is a good source of information.

On its website it lists The Top 25 Websites. You may wish to take a look at these. It divides the top 25 web sites into the following areas:
  1. Curriculum Sharing - Diigo, Google Reader, Simply Box
  2. Media - Mindmeister, Pollyeverywhere, Wikispaces, Zoho
  3. Organising and Managing - Curriki, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Primary Access, SOS for Information Literacy
  4. Content Collaboration - Animoto, Our Story, Teacher Tube, Voice Thread, Wordle
  5. Virtual Environment - RezEd, Second Life
  6. Social Networking and Communication - Classroom 2.0, Edublogs, Facebook, Good Reads, Ning, Skype, Twitter


By clicking on the above words "national library" it will link you directly to this site (

I've been looking through their website and I think the Music Australia site looks like it might be good. This is hosted by the National Library site but can be found at their own URL: This site covers historical and contemporary music and you can view and print Australian sheet music and find full scores as well as listen to sound recordings and find out about people and organisations and explore related materials such as pictures, books and archived websites. You can choose from a diverse and extensive list (ranging from ARIA awards, pantomime and patriotic songs to sport and war and peace) to follow a theme that will provide information about scores, composers, related links and an opportunity to listen to such classics as 'Daddy's in the Dardenelles' and 'The Sir Joseph Banks polka'

The Picture Australia section also looks good (also found via its URL: .The 'Picture Trails' section could be useful for lots of areas, particularly HSIE with topics such as 'Caring for the war wounded', 'Enlist now', 'Bushrangers', 'The Depression years' and 'Women and war' amongst lots of others. All the trails can be downloaded so not only the picture is saved but all the information regarding the image is available as well (things like the photographer, the date, where the image is held and links to finding similar images).

Another feature of the Picture Australia site is the Flickr group where students are able to submit photos - maybe our photography students might like to join??